Monday, December 2, 2013


Walking in Garden of the Gods
     When I young I kicked a hole in my sister’s door with my Oxford shoes.  Those were great shoes.  I’m surprised we were allowed to wear them to school.  My best friend, Diana, was visiting with my sister in Judith's room.  They wouldn’t let me in.  So I gave the door just one good kick.  Now I wasn’t a child prone to violence, so the hole took me by surprise.  Tough shoes those Oxfords.  As a fair consequence, my dad decided to take the door with the hole in it and give it to me.  After an hour or so exchanging doors my dad found out that her door didn’t fit my doorframe. That was when I got the only spank of my life. 

      So visiting my sister for the past few weeks was quite nice.  No need to kick doors anymore!  It is lovely to know that your big sister can become a good friend.  We had a lovely time.  Her friends were all so gracious.  Ralph and Carol shared a dinner and an evening of stimulating conversation, Rick and Leslie gave me a photo highlight of their trip to Montreal along with an orientation and maps, and Doug and Vianna included us in their family Thanksgiving.  Doug directed me to see Carhenge and the Fur Trader’s museum (both on my list for today).  Dennis shared hilarious stories of being on the road and having his truck burst into flames and offered to assist if I needed anything within a thousand miles.  Buffy came to dinner and reminded me that my sister chooses friends well. 

     Good visit all around.  Thanks Judith for everything... good food and good company.  Even my dog became nose touching friends with her cat.  Lucy watched us from her window as we left.  I think that she was smiling.

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