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As you can see I was smiling on that day of my retirement party from school. I was content with the work that I had done and was anticipating the chance to begin writing. During the twenty-eight years that I taught and directed The Kids' Place, I wrote in children's memory books. I surely wrote more than 10,000 words. Now in retirement, I could write my own memories and stories.

My  childhood would have been a blog of traveling from relative to relative all summer long. Stories that I never wrote. In the summer of 2013, I prepared to complete the last of my house projects and begin traveling again. This blog was birthed to document travels, old tales, and life musings.

 When I returned to Walla Walla, I was not ready to put away the camera or the writing tools. The travels and the blog helped solidify the possibility of a new way of life during retirement. I have continued to write on the blog and have completed a manuscript titled Mapping the Topography of Grief - a Travel Memoir. I was awarded a writer's residency in the San Juan Islands at the Helen R. Whiteley Center in the fall of 2016. I have been a guest columnist for the Union Bulletin newspaper and currently teach writing through the Quest program at Walla Walla Community College. In the spring of 2022, I will teach a class on cell phone photography. 

For a current synopis of my writing visit my writer's website: kathymcconnell.net 

You can also find me on Instagram at kathy.mcconnell.505. 

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 Warmly yours,
 Kathy McConnell


  1. kathy
    Thank you so much for the card!!
    Love your Boxoftales!!
    All the best ,

  2. I hope to be back in your neighborhood some day. Where are you off to this year in your travels?


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