Thursday, December 12, 2013

Appaloosa at Last

     Maybe it is the way the word gallops off of the tongue or maybe it is the story of their existence that appeals to me.  The Nez Pierce Indian tribe of the Northwest bred these horses.  Lewis and Clark first noted them in their diaries in 1806.  Originally they were described as a horse from the Palouse River area.  They then became known as "Palousey", "Appalousey" and finally "Appaloosa". 
     Or maybe it is just the spots that I like.  Last summer I went to a birthday celebration for an old friend.  He has a number of horses.  The gathering happened outside around a campfire next to a field with Appaloosas.  This is one of Charlie's horses.

    Traveling north from the Indianapolis area on an icy morning, my trusty stead acquired an Appaloosa-like resemblance.  It is pretty stunning, huh?  Should I keep the spots or not?   

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