Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Lady Likes Dogs

      The Westminster Dog Show has been held in New York for 138 years.  The renovation of Madison Square Garden a few years ago eliminated enough space for all of dogs to be groomed prior to showing.  The solution has been to have a majority of the judging during the day done at the Piers 92 and 94.  The final judging is still done in the evenings at Madison Square Gardens. 
Border Terrier Judging at the Piers

     The work of preparing for this show is complicated.  Rolling out the Westminster purple carpets and unfolding the yellow and purple grooming partitions and running the wires for all of the blow dryers must take some hours.  Dog owners bring their own water for preparing the dogs. 

     My friend, Jackie, has bred dogs for years and has won at Westminster often.  She breeds bedlington terriers and basset hounds.  Here are just a few photos from the show:

Jackie during judging.
         An adoring look from one of Jackie's bedlingtons.  Sweetest dogs.

     Westminster at Madison Square Garden makes the event special.  Even the changes of box labels was interesting to watch.

    The judge was dressed in Westminster purple and diamonds!

 Who me?  I won!

 The Lady has welcomed the dogs.  After all many of them emigrated too!

 Heel dogs.

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