Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New York. First 24 hours.

     I have a couple travel "blogs" from the 1920's in the collection of my family's memorabilia.  They read something like this:  Train 10:15 to Chicago.  Arrived at hotel.  Ate dinner.  Theater.  7:02 train to Philadelphia.  4:06 arrived.  Arranged for a car.  Met friends.  Dinner.  Hotel.  Dry stuff.  My New York blog could be just like them.  My daughter Molly joined me for about a 24 hour period and we barely stopped to rest.  So for one half of a blog.  Here is what we did in a 1920's blog style:

    4:20 arrived in New York by bus.  Took subway to just north of Harlem.  Dropped off luggage.  Returned to city on subway.  Made reservation at Thai Restaurant..  Walked neighborhood for an hour until table ready.  Ate. Walked.  Passed Times Square and Empire State Building. Walked to corner of Central Park and Broadway.  Ate dessert listened to cello and piano music.  Walked into Central Park to skating rink.  Walked back to Columbia Circle and took subway home.  Walked three blocks.  Slept.  Walked three blocks.  Subway to Brooklyn with detour on a bus and walking to donut shop.  Ate donuts.  Walked, rode bus and took subway back to Manhattan.  Walked to the Chelsea market, wandered.  Walked the length of the High Line.  Walked to near 42nd street.  Reversed and met friends for lunch at Playwright Pub.  Walked to 5th Ave. and back to Columbia Circle.  Took subway home.  Walked three blocks.  Got Molly's luggage.  Walked three blocks. Took subway.  Subway didn't stop where we needed to be.  Walked 20 minutes fast to bus station.  6:20 Molly left.  Took cab to hotel of friends.  Walked two blocks to dinner.  Walked back.  Took cab short distance to subway.  Subway home.  Walked three blocks.  

    To put some meat on that description add in traffic noise, many languages, feeling of being lost, being lost, lights lights and lights and the joy of being shown around by your child!  Oh, and here are a few photos.

Broadway on the left, Central Park corner on the right
(Our dad worked on Broadway as a soda clerk when he was 18 years old.)

Thai open kitchen with blaring music!

Central Park.

Skating Rink just closing at 10.

Molly in the park.  Cold!

Breakfast at Dough.  Lemon poppy seed, hibiscus, papaya and chocolate with caramel.

I'll add more later.  Off to the dog show at Westminster.  Go bedlingtons!

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