Monday, February 17, 2014

Final Post for New York.. Winter Travel

     I know that I have said this before, but traveling in the winter to big cities is just the best.  There are always some sunny or lightly cloudy "warm" days.  One of those days I walked across Central Park.

Runners Trail around the Lake

And ate a hot dog while sitting on the steps to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Love the mustard!
A winter museum is a place to wander slowly.  No jostling the crowds.

One can look at old favorites, as long as one likes.

George Washington

This painting was considered a scandal at first showing.  The artist, Singer,  had to repaint one strap so that it was not off the shoulder!  Would it have made any difference?

    With a little map I took the time at the museum cafe to mark the rooms that I wanted to visit.  The Met has huge collections.  One could not see them all even in one day.  In the summer I might not have found a table to sit to and organize my thoughts.  The visit produced a couple of finds in the rooms with knight's armor and in the collection of the art from Greece:

Elegant Detail on a Knight's Horse's Armor

Hinged Foot Armor

Henry VIII's Armor in His More Robust Years

Room from Pompeii

Vases that I have loved since Miss Anderson's High School History Class!
The day ended with a return to town to visit another VERY quiet place.  Can you guess where?

Great Art Deco Detail

Best Views from Up High
Nothing quite like New York

Guessed it yet?

Bye, Empire State Building and New York.  

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