Monday, April 14, 2014

Tourist Photos from Canyonlands

Camping at a BLM area just outside of Canyonlands.  Red dirt becomes red mud when it rains.

Met these bike riders.  The poles you see are paddles to their boats.  Planning to carry bikes across the river and keep biking.

Rain was in the offing.

Sundown from my campsite.

Sliprock trail.  Notice the rock pile markers.

Smiling before the hail storm hit.  Thanks, Cody, for the weatherproof and warm jacket.  My Tennessee walking stick came in handy on this trail.

Rather have hail, than rain!

The hail and slight rain started little rivers down the rocks.

This is a well-preserved hidden corn storage cache.

The motion in the desert.

These puddles will likely be gone in the next day or two.
    I'll be camping for a few more days in the same site.  I'm out-of-reach of all communication by Internet for a period of a few days.  I have plans to hike and catch-up on some reading.  Canyonlands at first was a bit daunting.  I arrived mid-day to lots of traffic on the dead-end road.  There is a huge jeep gathering in Moab all week, so there is some spill over here.  Happy to find a good campsite and began meeting some nice people.  Dogs are not allowed on any trail in Canyonlands, but she can hike outside the park or car sit in the cool of the day.  So far it has been cool and cloudy.  Everywhere you look, it is beautiful.  I am in "The Peace Tree Juice Cafe" in Monticello.  The cafe is right out of the 60's.  I am even considering buying a peace t-shirt for old times!  I'll post again next week...  


  1. Wow - this one is one of your elegant best! The desert does you good. I have decided to make a pilgramage to Canyonlands the first week or so in June. It's where I got my name so something is calling.
    Travel on - I'll be thinking of you at Wink's party.

    1. I don't know the story of your name, you'll have to tell me!


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