Friday, May 2, 2014

Making Limes from Lemons

      Frank and Ruth Ann reminded me that these are limes not lemons.  A little pile would be stacked everyday on the wall, gathered from where they had dropped from the trees in their yard.   Ruth Ann taught with me many years ago.  She taught the sixth graders (rough group) and I taught the first and second graders and acted as vice-principal.  We were always trying to make limes from lemons.  We laughed a lot to get through some sour days.

    Good teachers sometimes gravitate away from their first calling.  Ruth Ann was one such teacher.  Real estate first and then mirror and consignment stores led her away.  Frank and her share a peaceful home in the hills on Point Loma with ten cats, wild parrots and a bunch of seagulls.

Is that dog leaving yet?

     The cats kept an eye on pup.  The parrots swirled by flashing green and yellow, the prodigy of an escaped pair years ago.  The seagulls swooped in from blocks away when Frank would toss chips on the rough.  How the gulls could spot the flying chips and arrive in numbers within a couple of minutes was astonishing.  I felt like I was at the circus with high-flying trapeze artists swooping about while in the ring of a roof seagulls stood sedately like well-trained birds all facing one way ready for a command.    

    Frank is an exceptional cook.  We ate well each evening with the lights of the city of San Diego in the distance off the balcony.  As Ruth Ann commented living in San Diego one appreciated home.  They have worked on making garden spaces private and inviting. 

    I would walk pup up and down the hills searching for the rare green lawns where she could poop.  The wonky garbage cans leaning downhill like comedians made me laugh. 

    The bay would beckon with its lovely old sailboats and the city views in the evening were gorgeous from the deck of Ruth Ann and Frank' home.

I enjoyed visiting San Diego limes and all!  Thanks Ruth Ann and Frank!


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