Saturday, May 10, 2014

Three Years Passing

     Three years have passed since Gary left us with a broad smile on his face as he went on to the purely spiritual world.  In my mind and heart he entered the space of "here and not here".  All of you who knew him understand this "here and not here".  When he passed away, I was afraid that I would begin to forget him.  But being with Gary was like reading a book you couldn’t put down.  A book whose plot you still remember, whose wisdom you still draw upon and whose breadth of joy and knowledge continues to nurture and guide your days.

     Great blue herons, the bird that Gary so loved, still will startle me at times as though Gary is saying, “I’m still here.  Look for me in what I loved.”  This photo was taken by Sterling and later framed by Gary.  Great blue herons are more common throughout the United States than I had expected.  I passed them standing in backwaters along the coast or flying by.  They always interrupted my thoughts with an image of Gary. 

    Within minutes of learning from Molly that she had been accepted for graduate school to Oxford Brookes in Oxford, England this year a great blue heron flew parallel to my car in Colorado Springs.  An incident almost incomprehensible in it's timing.  (A great blue also flew over the house as Molly left for school in Liverpool.  Gary had been so enthusiastic that Molly might get to go to his beloved England for school.  He passed away before he knew that she would get to go.)  

     Gary's many loves surely nurture us all as he comes to mind when we pass cool cars or motorcycles.  Legend has it that he could identify every car on the road from the time he was two years old.  

Rebekah at one of many car shows.


    He drug all of his kids to car shows, took them for rides on his motorcycle or shared his love of matchbox cars.

    We were all so lucky.

Lucio with his beloved grandfather.
     Gary bought our Morris Minor on e-bay.  Rebekah and Molly stuffed it with newspaper for our wedding.  His love of cars inspired all of us to keep an eye out for car related anything for Gary. 

        His love of his kids and grandkids and they for him was legendary.  

     You are missed Gary.  We haven't forgotten you.  Your many passions stay with us.
Photo by Gary of his beloved Walla Walla

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  1. Thanks, Kathy. It's nice to read about Gary and to see the pictures. Love you! Naomi


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