Monday, June 8, 2015

San Juan Island Views

Ferry Dock Piling
The mention of the San Juan Islands elicits sighs from anyone who has visited them.  I only was on them for four and a half days, but I couldn’t get enough of them.  Art and I squeezed in hiking  woods along waterfalls, kayaking around islands, beach walking, ferry riding, hot tubbing, eating lots of crab and sitting.  I tried making these sliver views for you.  (Maybe you will go visit the islands after seeing these photos.)

Top Photo with Mt. Baker and the Bottom One Is the Sundown from the Deck
Tide Coming in Rapidly into Crescent Beach
Ferry Engine Wake
The sundown played well from any view.  At an Airbnb called “Sweet Retreat Near Eastsound” the hostess, Vicki, made us feel welcome and where we sat for hours on her deck.  You can see us there smiling.
View from the Deck.  
Post Dinner with Binoculars and Smiles
Yes, It Was That Good!
 There was a constant flitting of birds and a call identified by Vicki as an olive-sided flycatcher.  We even saw this pileated woodpecker.  I apologize for the photo, but his head was hammering so fast that it came out as a blur.
Huge Pileated Woodpecker 
I just want to say that kayaking was on the list of “unlikely in my lifetime”.  With Art in charge of the rudder on our double person kayak, we circled a number of islands including “McConnell Island”!  We rowed about five miles and stopped to examine jellyfish, starfish, watched a light brown raccoon forage and was regaled by island owner stories from our guide, Michelle.  I’d easily go again, so “kayaking’ is on a new list along with “return to the islands”. 

Say, What?
Starfish Number One
An Oddly Colored Raccoon.  It's the Diet.
Five Miles Later
Bye, Islands...

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