Monday, June 1, 2015

Photos from the Yard: Flowers, Heron and Berries

Oriental Poppy
Sweet Williams, California Poppies and Zinnias
Great Blue Heron standing in the Stream
Rain on a Peony
Tut, Sleeping on a Garden Bench
Plaque by a Local Hispanic Artist
Hens and Chicks and a Well Pulley
Garden Path with Yellow Rainbow Flowers
Raspberries Coming On
Thornless Blackberries
Pup, Keeping an Eye on Me
Often I walk out to the garden and return to get the camera.  The light, a heron flying over my shoulder or something new like the raspberries or blackberries getting larger will beg to be remembered in photo.  I find cats sleeping everywhere among the flowers and pup always, always following me around.  

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