Friday, March 27, 2015

Emoji Updates

Viola with her Red Lipstick
I loved my step-mom's red lipstick.  She'd wear it with one of her red knit dresses, she'd wear it teaching third graders and she'd wear it out to Sunday dinner at the clubs in Reno.  The bright red contrasted so beautifully with her dark black hair.  I envied her for I had dishwater blonde hair and thin, thin lips.  Red never suited me.

But when that red-lipped emoji showed up on my phone, I was on it.  I sent it's shapely red smile off to the universe, pretending it was me.  I got responses immediately.  Cool emoji!  Love it!

Imagine my disappointment, when in the next round of phone updates, my red-lipped emoji disappeared.  Did someone know that I was masquerading in an emoji image, trying to fool you into thinking I could leave a smear of big red lipstick on your cheek?   I was miffed.  Since then, I have had to resort to an emoji of a smiling frog with a cute, but tight-lipped little mouth.

Emoji's make me kind of sad anyway, because they remind me of those artistically inferior bulletin board images that are fostered on elementary school children.  Over the years at my former school, we let children design the artwork to accompany their song charts, calendars and alphabet cards.  Their versions were so much more interesting than the commercial variety.  So, here is my suggestion.  Someone needs to make an app with which each of us could design our own emojis.  I so want this on my phone.
My Emoji
 You are not artistic?  So how about borrowing an artist's image for your emoji.   A famous piece like "Desperate Man" by Gustave Corbet for those harried days.

 Or "Green Stripe" by Henri Matisse when the day isn't going quite like you wanted.

You get it.  Surely soon emojis will become more interesting than the stock ones that are currently available.  Or at least that red-lipped one will become available again.  I'm hoping.    

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