Saturday, March 14, 2015

Black and White Vacation Album

My childhood travels were documented in black and white film.  The compact Brownie cameras were so very simple back then, that even as children we were capable of taking quite a number of stunning photos.  Returning home our parents would have the photos developed and we would relive the trip.  The little white-framed photos evoked memories of the glorious moments experienced during the vacation like when the sun beamed through the trees and we felt so small or when we climbed onto a huge trunk and pretended like we were conquerors.  Animal photos like of a slippery pile of seals with the light on their rumps would capture the scent of the sea and the raucous barking (as if the film was capable of recording sound).  I still love black and white photos.  I can't explain why I have such a visceral reaction to the lack of color, except as a fond memory of Brownie photos and their association with vacations.        

Photos:  Red wood forest, skunk cabbage, closed campsite for the winter, Coltrane on a stump, spiderweb spotted by Coltrane as he guided us through the woods, stonewall in Jebediah Smith Campground (photo by Carol), teardrop trailer, harbor seals in Crescent City, driftwood, Garibaldi Coast, Umpqua lighthouse, driftwood windbreak, and abandoned Garibaldi viewing structure.

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  1. All those black and white pictures of us in Virginia and North Carolina -colors filled in by memory of favorite clothes - the red and white striped bathing suit. The shorts and top outfits one in yellow and white stripes, the other in blue and white.
    Thanks for the memories~


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