Saturday, April 25, 2015

Lizzie’s Nose-Texted “Ode to Dogwoods”

Lizzie's Ode to Dogwood
Lizzie, my border terrier, has such a beautiful nose smudging script.  Her “Ode to Dogwoods” in the photo above was written on the front window of my Subaru Outback.  I am assuming that she wrote the tribute to the white dogwood tree, the one that was planted in our backyard, when she was just a puppy.  
The Dogwood in Our Backyard
That tree, as you can see, blocks the view of garbage cans that could otherwise be spotted from the kitchen window.  (Well that’s my view, not hers.)   

Ode to Dogwoods
By Lizzie   

Window text messages
Are like dogwood petals.
Transitory in nature.
Cool spring temperatures
Allow dogs to go for rides 
And wait in cars for their owners to buy
Garden supplies.

Dog text messages
Sprout on windows,
Gleaming in the morning sun.

Dogwood petals float to the ground,
While the moist nose messages of dogs disappear
Behind paper towels
On the winds of human irritation.

Next year the “Ode to Dogwoods” will look like
White Dogteeth on the window
I will bite
Paper Towels.

The End
Lizzie, Contemplating Next Year's Ode

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  1. Lucy has her own texting to the crab apple trees in her backyard. She mourned the loss of a limb during last week's heavy snow and wind. She is keeping an eye on the bridal veil bush badly injured in last year's sewer replacement and on the three maybe four tulips emerging below her window All is well!


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