Thursday, February 19, 2015


     If these were lips they would perfect for announcing a few changes on the blog site!

     Take a look!  Here are the changes in the works.  

     *  Now you can follow every new post just by inserting your e-mail in the subscribe box at the top of the site.  You'll get an alert when something new is posted.   Follow me! 

     *Blog and I has two links:

           1)  About Me.  I'll be adding to this link over the next few weeks.  So much has happened since I began this blog, that it needs a serious update!

           2)  Blog Archives.  Have a favorite topic?  Travel?  Photos?  Musings on Life?  Now you will be able to find those posts under topic links.  I have 143 posts, so setting this up will take me a few days.  You can try in out with the one or two links currently available.  

     *Favorites  This link will list a few of the blogs that are similar or just dear to my heart.

    Enjoy!  Thanks for reading my blog.

(A huge thanks to Nanqi You at Walla Walla Webweavers.)


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