Thursday, February 5, 2015

10,000 Clicks on the Blog

In the Beginning
     Thanks, dear friends, for the 10,000 clicks on the blog site!  I am grateful for your traveling with me, following me home and continuing to see if I am still posting.  This past year and a half of writing on the blog has brought an appreciation of the rule of the ten thousandth's time of doing anything will bring the likelihood of success.  I have come to realize that twenty-eight years of writing in children's memory books and taking almost daily photos for most of those years likely developed the skills that now feed my soul on into retirement writing one word at a time.

Judith and I
        A huge thanks goes to my sister, Judith.  Her encouragement, laughter, and road directions kept me moving in the right direction.  Oh, and her editor's eye has caught more than one of my errors!

Montreal Atwood Park Sculptures
    I'll never know all of your names.  I came across these sculptured faces inadvertently and you too may have come across my blog by mistake.  Or maybe not.  A thank you to whomever in Ukraine began spreading the site to others.

Pup Letting Me Have It in Canyonland
      Pup has asked to put in a word for her.  She endured lots of miles and surely wrote the best post of all.

     Now back home, I've begun writing a memoir.  My high school friend, Bob Felton, a quite well-loved journalism professor at the University of Nevada, encouraged me by reading every post and hinting that I should begin this endeavor.  Thanks immensely, Bob.  Your frequent e-mails have even made me begin rereading grammar books!  Our high school English teacher would have been proud of you.

     Keep me in your sights.  I'm flying.  A slightly re-designed web page is in the works with much easier "follow" and "comment" tabs.  Thanks again for your gracious following.

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