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Photos Not to Miss from an Adventure to the Midwest and Back Across Canada, 2024

Alley View of Hotel Alex Johnson in Rapid City, South Dakota

I have a new phone with a great camera, a Samsung 21. Every morning, I slid it into my back pocket for the roadtrip of 4,500 miles, looping across America to the Midwest and returning via Canada. These photos aren't ordered in the sequence of the trip, but are organized to best display the diversity and beauty of what I saw. First off is the photo above taken of the graffiti in the alley behind the Alex Johnson Hotel in Rapid City, Sioux Falls. Rapid City was the surprise of the journey: creative purpose for graffiti (an entire alley's worth), great bookstore (Mitzi's), best book (Birding While Indian by Thomas C. Gannon), hiking close to downtown on Piss Hill (read the above book for the reason for its name), and a great outdoor store (Roam'n Around).

Below is my favorite photo from Hot Springs, South Dakota. I wasn't there long because I got a flat time and had to go up to Rapid City to wait three days for a replacement.

Building in Hot Springs, South Dakota

Jackalope in Walls, South Dakota

Who can't stop to snap photos of a distracted-looking jackalope?

Waterfall and Rainbow at Lundbreck Falls in Alberta, Canada

Provincial campgrounds in Canada are at stunning locations.

Cloud about to Grab the Road East of Winnepeg, Canada

A Wall Cloud Dragging Blue Rain

My campsite for one night was at the Stephenfield Provincial Park in Manitoba, Canada—just on the other side of these clouds. While I was on the gravel road leading to the campground, I drove into dense rain. The storm was moving so fast  though that it was sunny by the time I had eaten dinner.

How about a few museum photos?

Of Its Time. Notice the Coca Cola Ad at the Foot of This School-Crossing Police Officer. 

Popeye Says, "Eat Your Spinach!"

Irresistably Charming Zuni Pottery Bird

The Carnegie Historical Museum in Fairfield, Iowa (Jefferson County Carnegie Heritage Museum), has been collecting artifacts since 1876 and is an amazing museum. Recently relocated to a former Carnegie library building near the town square, it showcases local history and its collection of Native American pottery and baskets. Worth a visit to Iowa.

More reasons to visit Iowa:

An Eyelash Mushroom

Find the Speck of Orange above my shoe. It is the eyelash mushroom above!

An Artist's Mushroom. My drawing.

The Top Side of that Artist's Mushroom Above.

My friend, Art McBreen, led a mushroom walk in Brinton Timbers Park in Washington County, Iowa. The tiny orange eyelash mushroom and the artist's mushroom were my favorite of the many we saw. That rough-looking mushroom can be drawn on its underside with a sharp tool, and the image will remain. Here is a link to photos of the other mushrooms we saw that day:

For those of you who are foodies:

A Latte and an Horchata Waffle at La Luna Café, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The Cabrese Avocado Toast at La Luna Café again, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Cat-faced Sandwich at the Cattitude Cafe, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Sioux Falls wins the title of "Best Food on the Trip." The food at La Luna was as delicious as it was beautiful, and I could have hung out with the adoptable cats at the Cattitude Cafe. Quite fun. I missed getting a photo of the cardamon latte at The Breaks Coffee Roasting Company. I'd move to Sioux Falls on the basis of that latte alone! Their latte will at least entice me to return. It is only a twenty-and-a-half-hour drive. 

More simply fun or artistic sightings:

Kiss me on the Balcony? Minneapolis, Minnesota.

More Rapid City Art. Sky Imitating Sky.

As Good as Graffiti, a Butte, Montana Wall.

What a pleasing trip. You might have noticed I have not included any photos of Chester, my canine companion on the trip (He'll get his turn next.) or people. So, here is a finale photo with people. This delightfully-engaged couple were taking a self-portrait in the Badlands. They did get a copy of this one too. 

Get on the road! See what you can see! Travel safe.

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