Sunday, July 7, 2024

A Dog On a Walk...

Chester on a Walk

A dog on a walk

Is like a person in love

You can't tell them

It is the same old world.

             — as seen on a sidewalk in St. Paul, Minnesota, author anonymous

Although Chester and I went on a long, long trip, his dog walks were in the same old, same old world. Every location had interesting dog smells. Every location had dogs. Every location had people. With my six million olfactory receptors compared to Chester's maybe three-hundred million receptors, I experienced the world on the trip differently than him. How could I convey the difference in a human way?   

After some thought, I decided to make every trip photo of him in a different phone-app style. Every photo (as it was taken) shifted to something radically-different than what I had seen and photographed. Each picture became not my view, but a view with three-million tiny differences distant from the original.

In Chester's "words":

I was game on walks even with the wind blowing my ears askew.

No smell. How wierd.

I hate wet feet, but Kathy had to come into this freshly washed restroom with water pooling on the floor. Is that my reflection? Good look'in dog.

Darn frustrating when Kathy's scent disappears into some place I'm not allowed.

I love following Art into the woods. He led me to those odd-smelling mushrooms.

If I were off leash, I'd be sprinting down that path. Who invented leashes? Bugger 'em.
Too hot to walk any further.

New dog to me. Adorable. He comes to the name of Opal.

We're best buds already. Couch-surfing together.

No, we weren't watching T.V.

I got a new dog toy for the journey back home. Quite fishy, hardly any smell.

Done walking where I haven't been before. Home is same old, same old.

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