Thursday, March 2, 2017

My Cabin

This past fall and winter, I have been working on my cabin.  It was built in 1949 and rehabbed in the 1960's.  It needed updating.  The R-5 in the ceiling is now closer to R-30.  The walls are insulated and there are two heating systems – a heat exchanger and a propane fire insert.  The kitchen has a four burner stove for the first time ever!  The bathroom has it's first bathtub and now a washer and dryer in one small unit.  The bright and open inside made the long winter snug and cheerful.

I painted the kitchen and brought in the chopping block that used to be at the Pastime Cafe in Walla Walla.
The south-facing windows made for a sunny cabin.

All winter, I bought flowers to grace the counter.

Love my fireplace!  Took three trips to get all the parts delivered.

I couldn't do without a tub for soaking.

Just inside the door is this built-in bench.  As you can see, it got well-used.

This was an early light dusting of snow.

This is my little guest cabin with a view up the hill.

Oops!  I uncovered my lawn furniture two weeks ago and then we got this snow!

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