Thursday, March 2, 2017


Evidence.  Guess first.









A.  A lobster mushroom.  Evidence of a theft?  While hiking on the San Juan Islands last fall, a man stepped out of the woods of a state park and offered my friend and I a lobster mushroom from his large bag.  "Cook it dry and add butter and garlic later."  Was this evidence of a bribe to keep us quiet?  Maybe.  The mushroom was delicious - just as he said.

B.  Bones.  On the side of the path near the mushroom man, there was this pile of neat bones.  Evidence of a predator.  No bears or cougars live on the islands.  Do foxes attack deer?

C.  Two dead waxwings.  Evidence of plate glass windows reflecting trees with berries.

D.  Wooly Caterpillar.  Evidence of a long winter coming.  Accurate prediction.

E.  A wash of turquoise water.  Evidence of a ferry's wake.  Just lovely.

F.  A dog with a Pendleton wool overcoat.  Evidence of a cold winter.  Wore the coat outside so often, it's owner sometimes forgot to take the coat off.

G.  Snow overhanging the eaves.  Evidence of a brief period of warming.

H.  Red ice crampons.  Evidence of a good neighbor.  He leant me his ice crampons after I lost one in a snow drift.

I.  A puddle in the snow.  Evidence my road will soon reappear as a slash of mud.

J.  A storm moving across the fields between Walla Walla and Pendleton.  Evidence that spring is coming.

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