Sunday, May 10, 2015

Send Photos. Fourth Year of Passing.

Photo by Sterling
If Gary could make a call from a phone booth somewhere up there in the beyond, he’d be giving us one of his famous pep talks, 101.  Today is the anniversary of his fourth year of his passing.  His lecture would be thoughtful and (maybe having heard it before) we would listen to him with a little wry smile knowing that he was right again and that also he really cared about us. Or he would just be championing our progress.  We owe him, so here is my suggestion. 
Photo by Gary McConnell
Gary loved taking photos.  He had an eye for this gorgeous world.  Some days now, I stop and look around and then channel the view to him.  He so loved clouds, and mountains, flowers and great blue herons.  Whether it is realistic or not that I could send him a mental photo is of really no consequence.  It doesn’t matter. The images feel like blessings, that can be tossed into the universe, heading them into the general direction, where I imagine him to be.  Express delivery.  

Photo by Gary McConnell of the Grande Ronde Valley
This day, nay this week, send him a photo.  Send him a postcard view of this world that he loved.  Just send it.  Send selfies and images of cool cars, flowers and humorous signs.  Clouds.  If he can receive them, he’ll know you're thinking of him.  Address them to “Beloved Gary,  Abha Kingdom."  Bless him. 
Photo of Gary by Kathy McConnell
 For many of his family this year has been a worthwhile one.  His kids:  Rebekah getting ready to go to college for a nursing degree. Marzieh happily married to John.  Sterling smiling about a new relationship.  Grandkids: Lucio looking at the world with hopeful eyes, Victoria becoming a beautiful young woman, & Josiah loving school.  Finnegan and John both beginning to show some character and talents.  And step-kids:  Laurie and Molly attending grad schools and both working hard.  And the latest family addition for Kelsey, his niece, a baby boy (tiny at birth, but doing well).  And I:   happy, writing, gardening and surrounded by many good and interesting friends.  "Life is good!" Gary would have said.  And it is.

Now get busy; send images.  Here is another one from him to you.
Walla Walla at Sunset by Gary McConnell

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