Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Revolutions

Pup's List of New Year's Resolutions includes to play more ball, gobble more unguarded food off of the table without getting caught and catch at least one squirrel.  I list her Resolutions, because I don't make New Year's Resolutions myself.

As I mentioned in last year's post, I would rather make a list of what I accomplished during the past year and then just check the stuff off.  Nothing goes on the list that I can't check off.  This is a most rewarding activity.  The list this year is a movie length list.  What a year!  It may take me all New Year's Day to make it and another day to check it off.

Playing with the word "resolution" brought up a similar word to mind, "revolution".  "To revolve again, circle, spin.."  Resolutions on the eve of a new year often spin again and the next year again more like revolutions than resolutions.  What is on your list this year Resolutions or Revolutions?

Happy New Year!


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