Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Weather Woman of the Moment

 If I were a Weather Woman of the Moment I would have 100% accuracy in my predictions. Approaching my car on a rainy Seattle day, the gray sky reflecting off my black car, droplets streaking the windshield, I could accurately say, "It's raining!"  The satisfaction of being accurate was a small one to be sure, but worth claiming.

 I seem to be quite inaccurate at times predicting the weather of personalities.  Folks, whom I think are sunny now and will forever be sunny, hide their storm clouds with such finesse that I am drenched coatless, curious how I missed predicting accurately.  Well I was right for the moment, when their sun shone on me.

I was in Seattle attending a small claims court hearing hoping to recover damages from the renter who stayed at my home last year as I traveled.  Only in retrospect have friends noted that she has always been slovenly and worse not particularly just.  I in fact may never recover the damages, but then the sun still shines on me.

 I don't wish folks bad weather and I don't wish this particular renter bad weather.  She makes her own weather like Mt. Rainer makes its own weather, capturing clouds with its peak and hanging onto them dressing her slopes in snow.  The determination of the renter to get away with her behavior only compounding her problems, snow on her slopes and ice in her heart.  I wish for her sunny weather.  Despite her trail of storm disaster, she deserves, like all of us, relief.  

So why am I basking in sun with this storm still on my doorstep?  I'll explain.  The damage done by the renter has all been repaired and the furniture replaced.  The biggest cost was the couch with it's broken leg and smoke infused fabric.  I replaced it with a couch that I found on sale.  Nice leather one.  The couch sits lonely facing two wooden chairs.  Uncomfortable ones.  Friends come in for a chat, glance at the two wooden chairs and sometimes opt to stand.  I have been looking for a comfortable chair to replace one of the wooden ones, but to no avail.  I was looking for a red leather chair, a big one that would invite sitting for long periods.  But chairs like this one are so expensive. As expensive as the couch I had bought and now had no money for a chair.  But I kept looking at yard sales and secondhand stores.  While in Seattle I stopped at a Goodwill trying to locate a small bookcase (that is another story) and there was my red chair.  Had I not been in Seattle for the court case, I would not have found it.  And although I had spent a wad on the couch, this chair was on sale.  It even had a special discount for a senior on Senior Discount Day.  What would have cost me $29.99 was only $23.99.  The sun shines on me.  For the moment.  I can predict that accurately.

Pup tested the chair before it was moved into the corner to await friends.


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