Friday, August 2, 2019

Summer Photos in the Blues and Their Close Proximity

  My latest summer electricity bill only $16 or so.  The canyon is so much cooler than town, that I even wear long sleeves inside most of the day without having to use the air conditioner.  The early cool mornings and the breeze in the canyon encourages me to get out.  A new hiking partner and his dog, Stella, get Lizzie, my dog, to get off the couch and wander off leash.  It has been a good summer for all of us to add muscle and breath fresh air.

  My computer goes to the shop today, so I thought that I would at least post a few of my favorite summer photos.  Enjoy!

Wheat ready to harvest on the ridge into the canyon.
South Fork of the Walla Walla River Trail from the top.  The quanity of hanging moss is impressive.

Stella fetching sticks in the pond near Deduct Springs

Lizzie cooling her belly in a stream.

A split-trunk Ponderosa pine in the late afternoon sun.

The south end of Indian Ridge Trail.

The essense of a cabin for a mouse!  Found on a trail.  

Red-tailed honeybee on a green cone flower.

And the neighborhood cherry picker! A cinnamon bear with a little notch out of his ear.
  Hope your summer has been equally delightful and includes bears, bees, and sky.


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