Saturday, August 18, 2018

Close-up Views of the London Area

From Trix-colored bricks along a lane in Twickenham to polka-dotted leaves in a Kew Garden conservatory, little views like these are everywhere in the London area.  This selection of photos includes the moss-covered walls of a lock, a painted word on a Thames River bankside, and a modern-art-like wall in Hampton Court Palace.  As tiny as this collection is, it manages to convey the history of Britain and its capacity to attract people, words, and objects.  Notice the porcelain of a French pissoir in the gardens of York House, a pile of iron in a shipyard on Eel Pie Island, the odd word "loo", and a plate of the Italian dessert, Tiramisu, ordered in a restaurant on a cobblestone lane.

Take a moment with each little view.  Pretend you are traveling with me and can see what I saw.

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