Sunday, May 22, 2016

Magpies, Bees and Saws

My backyard is not a silent place this time of year.  As I trim bushes, cut flowers for the house and rake, I'll be called from the task by the raucous sound of a magpie flying up the creek or a bee near my ear.  During one recent morning, I heard bumblebees, the baby ducks, a magpie and mourning doves.  The stream gurgles around the rocks; its sound rising to my consciousness when I shift from my task to noticing some specific event like the first arrival of the dragonflies this season or the blooming of the purple allium.  I forget that I can record the sounds, but here are photos of this noisy place.

I have been tossing rocks into this stream to hear their lovely "plunk" for years.
The silent willow attracts the birds.
Some years I have few bumblebees.  So far I have heard four this spring.
The bleeding heart was transplanted from my last house.  It hosts the bees.
This rose called "Playgirl" had a million aphids but the sound of a rain storm seemed to have washed them away. 
The noise of this photos is one of chopping rhubarb for pie and the sound of sniffing the smell of iris.  
The title of the blog post mentioned "saw".  This is the source of the saw noises.  This is where I am spending most of my time as I get the house ready to sell.

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