Thursday, January 7, 2021

I Must Be Off/Packing Silence

In this time of Covid-19, the thought of traveling for seven months is just that, a thought. I recently had a piece titled "Packing Silence" published on the travel site I Must Be Off — Where To, Friends?  Although none of us are loading the car and rounding up the dog for a journey, most of us are dealing with silence within the walls of our abodes. Depression is on the uptick and silence is one of the culprits. 

I have always had a comfortable relationship to silence. Not that I don't resort to podcasts or music to accompany through tasks, but mostly I find silence a resource. It allows me to observe my surroundings more carefully or to think about my writing undisturbed.

Please read the piece and share it with anyone who might appreciate some humor and thoughtfulness on the subject of silence. Here is a link to the essay:  I Must Be Off/Packing Silence.

Christopher Allen, the creator of the "I Must Be Off" website, is an award-winning author. Do read some of his pieces and guest contributions or watch the videos. His website lets you travel vicariously. 

Take care. Stay safe.

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